Online Advertising

Perfect mix of programmatic digital advertising and PPC ads delivered to you.

Succeed in the online advertising space with the most creative and innovative online ad solution with use of PPC ads, programmatic ads, native ads, video ads, spectacular technology of full featured ad serving, behavioral targeting and ad network optimization facilitating companies with increased online ads traffic and higher customer acquisition. We are dedicated to create ads with quick viewer attention and prolonged imprints on viewers mind. We are making every product launch of our clients a success story in digital space. S7C are top ad position on Google ads, Social media ads and display ads with guaranteed increased clicks on same ad budget using beat available tools and tracking as well as remarketing and retargeting ads.

Online Ads

Of businesses use online ads to sell their products or services

Display Ads

Display ads share in any kind of brand awareness or product launch campaign

Our Advertising Expertise

We combine performance advertising, programmatic ads, Google PPC with stunning creative & placement for ensured traffic growth & defined conversions.

  • -> In-depth media planning & placement strategy
  • -> Defined visotrs-goal mapping & tracking
  • -> Secure top ad inventory on Google AdWords & rest platforms
  • -> Best mobile app slots placement with lower ad costs

Advertising Agency

Preferred Ad Agency for Political Campaigns, Ecommerce sales, Travel leads, Education Leads, Real State project launch, events & tickets sales & registration and startup launches.

Online advertising solution at S7C empowers global clientele marketing with maximized traffic, minimized advertising budget, and set forth conversions.

S7C India holds expertise in online advertising with more than 6 years of campaign handling for almost all major industries, services and local businesses. We are successfully serving retail majors, travel & hospitality majors, real estate majors, prominent universities, educational institutions, lawyers and immigration consultants, newspaper/magazine subscriptions, Telecom-IT, doctors, jewellery stores, fashion and interior designers, and more to count.

We guarantee top four ad slots on Google search for text ads even for the most competitive keywords within 1 weeks of ad campaign operations. Our team specialized in ad optimization, lowering your initial campaign bids to save nice share of your money and grab top ad position. S7C is successfully serving clients with hefty budget for brand building on Facebook & Display networks as well as performance advertising on Google Search for small businesses with low budget.

Conversions > Leads > Traffic: We strategize your ad campaign from last goal funnel!

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