Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Our full-service brand strategy consulting division, helps brands be essential to today’s customers.

Our proven approach helps both emerging and established brands transform businesses, create differentiation, engage B2B and B2C customers, change perceptions and drive growth.If you’re not essential, you’re irrelevant.

Your customers today are more savvy, skeptical and demanding than ever before. They want less, but better. They welcome brands that speak their language, share their values, live up to their standards and connect in more authentic and dynamic ways. As a leading global brand strategy firm, we build essential brands. We help shape your brand identity in a way that will be vital to your business and customers and stand out from the crowd.

Our Branding Solution and Process:

    Consumer Insight

  • Bussiness Insight

    A 360° view of your brand’s current state and future potential to identify the critical drivers of success. Understand product and market realities, competitive landscape, cultural trends and consumer needs.

  • Consumer Insight

    No matter your challenge, take advantage of best-in-class research capabilities from LRW Group, woven seamlessly and strategically into your project.

    Brand Strategy

  • Audience Perosonas Development

    Crystalize who your brand is for – and who it’s not for. We’ll map when, where and how your customers interact with your brand – and areas of critical impact to guide future brand strategy and creative development.

  • Brand Architecture

    Maximize the equity of your brand portfolio by defining the organizing principles, relationships, and hierarchies for your company, products, and services.

  • Brand Positioning

    Distill the core essence of your brand. We’ll help you figure out what you stand for, why your brand is different, why your customers should care, and how to deliver with impact.

    Creative Expression

  • Brand Naming

    First impressions matter. Our proven naming process produces strategically sound, culturally relevant, creatively powerful, linguistically sensitive, and legally viable brand names.

  • Brand Voice & Messaging

    Bring your brand story to life with unique and authentic language tailored by audience, channel, and different stages of your marketing funnel.

  • Brand Identity & Design

    Your brand identity is so much more than a logo. We’ll deliver the visual brand language elements across digital and physical experiences that will connect with your audience and bring your essential brand to life.

What You’ll Get:

  • Competitive research & market positioning
  • Audience personas to drive marketing personalization
  • Brand positioning framework
  • Brand architecture map
  • Brand voice principles
  • Brand messaging and headline examples by persona
  • Brand guidelines & brand book design
  • Brand vision & promise
  • Brand personality, tone and voice
  • Naming and nomenclature
  • Brand visual language & logo
  • Artwork assets

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