Media Planning

Online Media Buying

Placing an online display ad in the most effective space take more planning than it seems. Like a billboard that is strategically placed in a key neighborhood or along an important highway, on the internet these spaces are just as competitive, and can take just as much if not more strategic planning and negotiation to be an effective way to market your business. S7C offers an online media buying and planning service that can perfectly complement your overall internet marketing strategy.

The value and effectiveness of your media plan is one of our main interests, and like every aspect of the development of your online business, we will begin with in-depth research and analysis of your needs and goals. We will determine what your target audience is, and then find the right venues for your ad placement, whether on major websites, smaller niche sites, portals, or ad networks. Then from negotiating a pricing plan with the site, to securing the best eye-catching placement, and through to the design of your ads, we will execute your campaign and track the results in order to continue to improve the strategy.

Your online marketing campaign can be bolstered by the right media buying and planning service.

This inlcudes:

  • A cost effective media buying and planning process that helps your ROI, and drives and converts traffic.
  • High level of research and strategic planning based on your target audience, as well as which websites they are most likely to visit to see your ad.
  • Following up with and tweaking the marketing strategy based on analyses and actual results.

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