Shipping and WMS


Our operation service covers a wide range of channels including platform stores (such as Tmall, JD, Redbook and Amazon), official brand website, social media platforms (such as Wechat malls and Applet) and O2O, Omni-channels. Our operation is deployed according to the consumer lifecycle (people), merchandising (products) and scenarios (place) and the integration between these to ensure seamless and consistent consumer experience and high operational efficiency.

Content traffic management

  • Content operation
  • Advertisement
  • Resource management
  • Live

Crowd lifecycle operation

  • Crowd scenario segmentation
  • New and old customer operation

Merchandising strategy

  • Ordering strategy formulation
  • Product display
  • UED of pages
  • Product photography
  • Product promotion
  • product mix
  • Seasonal strategies

Integrated data analysis

  • Scheduled data analytics
  • Real-time comparison
  • Platform data
  • Activity data


S7C has the clear first-mover advantage in China which led to extensive experience of more than ten years as an e-commerce partner for brands. Our understanding of the local greater China market, daily store/site operations, campaigns/promotions and backend integration are all in a clear leading position.

End-to-end one-stop solutions

  • Brand business manager successfully improves efficiency
  • More flexible and responsive since it is directly driven by operation
  • No blind pursuit of KPIs as it is driven by better data
  • Every single service capacity has a strong competitive

Omni-channel expanding operation

  • Provide complete operation service and flexible service patterns
  • Able to integrate Omni-channel services
  • Provide marketing service with brand and efficiency integration

Lead prospective trend investment

  • Lead prospective investment of the industry by helping brands to develop ahead of trend
  • Use our intelligent software such as SHOPDOG and SHOPCAT to effectively perform forward-looking views

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