Prashant is one of the founders of Seventh Triangle. He has over 12 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience. Prashant was a founder of one of India’s largest fashion jewelry brands called He currently leads the Consulting division for Seventh Triangle in which he works with founding teams and investors of D2C brands to help them achieve growth, optimisation and efficiency.

Prashant Gupta

Founder & Direct to Consumer Specialist

Shravan is one of the founders of Seventh Triangle and has over 8 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience. He has previously worked within the Direct to Consumer and Shopify First Agency ecosystem. He has led the development and roll out of Shopify first SAAS products. At Seventh Triangle, he leads the Digital Transformation projects for brands.

Shravan Kumar

Founder & Ecommerce Product Strategist

Vikas has nearly 9 years of experience in building customer centric web and mobile applications into ecommerce domain. He has acquired deep skills in Technology and UI/UX Designing. He has headed an online hyperlocal marketplace platform as a product manager in his previous engagements. He is well versed with the different aspects of the product, Analysis, Prioritising Features, and Agile Development Process. At Seventh Triangle, he heads the Shopify Development - Frontend and system integrations.

Vikas Chauhan

Founding Member & Head - Ecommerce Tech

Sushant is the Founder of Seventh Triangle Consulting. At Seventh Triangle, he leads Shopify Tech Solution Engineering. He is an Engineer by Education and Marketer by Passion. He has astute understanding of Digital Advertising, Tech and Strategy in the Ecommerce and Direct to Consumer space with over 8 years of experience.

Sushant Gupta

Founder & Brand Consultant

Deep has nearly 8 years of experience in Shopify ecosystem where in he has been part of founding team of Shopify Partner Agency. He has previously worked on ecommerce development and services delivery projects. He has also been involved in developing and building SAAS products for Shopify. At Seventh Triangle, he leads the services delivery and project management.

Deep Chakraborty

Founding Member & Head - Project Management

Manas has nearly 10 years of experience in system integrations and full stack project development and management. He holds a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence from University of Hyderabad. Previously, he has worked with companies like Oracle and HP. At Seventh Triangle, he leads the Backend projects, Dev Ops and System Integrations. He has a detailed understanding of understanding of complex backend systems and uses his experience in Direct to Consumer space to help brands solve complex business use cases.

Manas Sharma

Founding Member & Head - Enterprise Tech

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